Science and Research

Department Research Focus:


  • Ordinary differential equations (qualitative properties of solutions)
  • Functional differential equations (qualitative properties of solutions)
  • Functional equations (qualitative properties of solutions)
  • Discrete equations (qualitative properties of solutions)
  • Partial differential equations (qualitative properties of solutions)
  • Differential forms, its application to the calculus of variations and general systems of partial differential equations
  • Numerical methods (approximations of solutions of boundary-value problems for ordinary and partial differential equations, approximation theory, Taylor series method)
  • Mathematical statistics, multivariate statistical analysis
  • Statistical inference for extreme values and related methods
  • Time series analysis, regression models
  • Application of statistical method in engineering
  • Computer algebra systems, computer graphic systems
  • Use of software (Unistat, Statgraphic, Statistica, Maple, GeoGebra)
  • Graph theory, optimization, formal languages
  • Algebraic structures and their application (mononuary algebras and rough sets)
  • Modelling, analysis and control of discrete events in algebra of diods (max algebra, min algebra)
  • Descriptive geometry and its history